Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vegan MoFo - Banyon Foods

I discovered Banyon Foods on a visit to my local Whole Foods. Momma Chiu herself was sampling a couple of their products including the fried rice. It was amazing. I love everything they have. My favorite meals are the Original Vegan Egg Rolls and the Fried Tofu rice (pictured above served with their Pineapple tomato sauce). They both have such a great flavor and are nice when all you want to do is heat up a quick meal. The sad news is they don’t sell outside the state of Texas, per their mission statement.

Taken from their website…..

We began as a family business in 1978 in Houston, making tofu and real soymilk, and we plan to remain that way for as long as possible. "Why?" you ask.

It's very simple. Distributing products halfway across the country, and the meaning of "fresh" becomes meaningless. In spite of technology, nothing trucked from hundreds of miles away is ever "fresh," just like nothing made with a lot of junk is ever worthy of being called "natural." None of our products ever contain added preservatives, artificial or "natural" flavorings**, or monosodium glutamate (MSG). From countless conversations with you during our demos, we know you don’t want unnecessary junk in your food and you want the freshest ingredients possible. We’ve always understood this.

Local foods offer tremendous variety and richness; whether or not that diversity will survive in the shadow of the mega-food-factories remains to be seen. Until then, our response to them will be "in our house, Momma Chiu is in the kitchen. Take a seat, or order out."

Yes, Texas loves tofu. And we love Texas.

If you live in Texas you must try their products..

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