Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Vegetable Cake

For those who celebrate Easter I hope you are having a good holiday and spending some time with your families. Today Momma Veg made us an amazing vegetable cake. Here is a peak at the delicious food. 

Black bean filling ingredients
Black beans, green onion, parsley, corn starch, and So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer

Mashed potatoes icing, Black bean filling, corn cakes and  kale & rainbow carrots for decor. 

Finished Vegetable cake

The was Momma Veg's second attempt at making a vegetable cake. She made the first super yummy cake a month ago for our birthdays. I'll post photos of it and the birthday cards we made each other in a couple of days. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Texas VegFest - March 31, 2012

After a great breakfast at Bouldin Creek we headed to VegFest. There was a good crowd there already waiting in line. We paid our $5 to get our coupon which we used to get a Whole Foods bag with a few goodies and coupons. It definitely came in handy to put all of the free samples in that were being given out. I can't wait to dig into everything. Here is a photo journal of the event. 


Dan Marek - Whole Foods

San Antonio's first Vegan restaurant 

Awesome new vegan bakery in Austin

Gotta love Herbivore. Vegan gear

Vegan Grocery Store

Look its Isa and Terry!!

Robert Cheeke!

Texas State Veggie Fair - Awesome Event in Dallas

Christy Robinson - Great jewelry

My stash from the event..

 We had a great time and want to thank every one for holding such a good event. My only problem was that it was really hot and the sun was blaring. :) Luckily I had my hat and Momma Veg had a small umbrella. Even though I put on sunscreen I'm really surprised I didn't get a sunburn. HOT!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TXVegFest - Day Two Breakfest

Before heading to the VegFest we decided to have breakfast out instead of our usual oatmeal in the room. We went to Bouldin Creek (moved a couple blocks down to a former car repair place last year) to try their famous Renedict and tofu scramble. It was just as good as everyone said it was.We shared that along with the Oven Cake breakfast which was a yummy blueberry cornbread. 

Bouldin Creek dining area

Oven Cake Breakfast w/ tofu scramble

The Renedict w/ Tofu Scramble

Bicycle Wheel light in Women's Restroom

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TXVegFest - Austin Day One

Momma Veg and I decided to go the the Texas VegFest in Austin. We drove down a day early to make sure we were able to get everything done we wanted to do and get all the good eating. :) 

After stopping by the huge Whole Foods and a quick trip to Tea Embassy to buy some tea we had lunch at one of our favorite spots in Austin... The Steeping Room. We both had the Empress' Cup tea. We shared a Baked Tofu and Tempeh Bacon Sandwich and a Grilled Vegetable sandwich. Both were yummy. 

The Empress' Cup tea

Baked Tofu and Tempeh Bacon

Grilled Vegetable

Next we dropped by Wheatsville (another favorite spot) to grab something to eat later for dinner before heading to San Marcos for a little outlet shopping. They are famous among vegans for their Popcorn Tofu. We grabbed some and a few things from their hot bar and headed out for some shopping

Popcorn Tofu

Vegan Mac & Cheese with Broccoli and Yam Fries

We found a few good things while Outlet shopping at Vera Bradley and William Sonoma then headed back to the room to eat our Wheatsville. If you are ever in Austin you must go to Wheatsville!