Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road to VVC - Boise 2013

Before Vida Vegan Con we decided to take a trip to Boise, ID. Momma Veg was born in Emmett, ID which is 45 minutes north of Boise. She only lived there for about 6 months before her parents moved back to Dallas.

After our flight it was lunch time so we immediately went to Boise Fry Company. They had a vegan burger with many choices of potatoes and french fries. There were many different ketchups, dipping sauces, and salts for your fries. The vegan options were clearly marked. 

After we ate we visited the State Capital. 

If there is a Whole Foods in town I always try to go. I love to see how different the stores are and to see if they have any different vegan options than we do at home. Of course we picked up a vanilla cupcake.

The next day we got up and headed to Emmett. Emmett is in a cherry valley. Before we got there we stopped at a look-out and took pictures of the valley. There aren’t as many  trees as there used to be but they still have a cherry festival every year.

Emmett High School

Water flows through the city in an irrigation ditch to feed crops, etc.

While driving back to Boise we drove around the Valley and found this. Birds were burrowing holes in the sandy cliff and making their home. It was a cool site. 

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