Thursday, June 6, 2013

Portland 2013 - Day One

BOI to PDX in a small plane with propellers. Luckily we had no turbelence.  

Alaska Airlines has a vegan option. It was too early in the morning for lunch so I didn’t try it. 

We arrived in Portland, rode the Max downtown, and rented a car.  Since it was starting to get close to lunch time we headed south to Tigard to visit one of our favorite restaurants, Native Foods. We decided to keep it light and shared a sandwich. 

Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger

Next we headed down to Salem to see the State Capital. It was different than most since it didn’t have the regular dome.  

We drove back to Tigard where our hotel was for the night. Right next door was Whole Foods so of course I had to go in. 

Then we decided to go back to Native Foods one more time. 

Nuevo Native Nachos

Scorpion Burger

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