Friday, March 9, 2012

Loving Hut – Addison

Ever since Dallas Vegan announced there would be a Loving Hut opening in Addison I haven’t been able to contain my excitement. The location is 2 minutes from where I work. I actually pass it every day on the way. A few days ago I noticed that the sign was now up and started wondering how much longer I would have to wait to try their food. Last night I see on twitter Dallas Vegan announcing their soft opening. I couldn’t wait to go so I went for lunch today. Well.. Momma Veg and I had an amazing lunch. 

When arriving there were a few notes on the door. The first one was advertising their $8.95 buffet. Second was announcing that they were only accepting cash since they didn’t have their credit card machine working yet. Luckily we had cash.  We both had the buffet which is the best way to try things off their menu. Since there were 2 of us we were able to try everything. I went down one side of the buffet while Momma Veg went down the other. After getting a little bit of everything we sat down and literally ate off each other’s plates. Everything was delicious and the staff were really nice. Here are photos from our visit.


Seaweed Salad - House Bean Salad - Pickled Cabbage
Broccoli Salad - Mixed Veg Salad - Green Salad

Fried Rice Noodle - Mapo Tofu - House Curry Tofu
Healthy Sesame Balls - Chef’s Special Green Beans - House Fried Protein

Loving Hut Soup - Sweet-n-Sour Soup
Steamed Rice - Guru Fried Rice
Crisps - Fried Spring Roll


Thank you Loving Hut Addison for a great lunch. We will be back soon.

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  1. Wow Loving Hut's food looks wonderful, I have a location down the street. The picture's make me wanted to go there.