Friday, March 9, 2012


CITY #3 – Washington, DC

Day Three

We walked around the Tidal Basin (Jefferson Memorial, FDR, MLK, Korean, and John Paul Jones statute). This was a good walk. 

Next we ate lunch at Café Green. I was so bummed to find out they were having brunch and that you couldn’t order off the regular menu. We ended up just ordering the Nachos Grande to split. 

Finally nachos that didn’t just use Daiya. They were great and are in 2nd place behind Spiral for best nachos. Next we went to the Women in the Arts museum to find some more paintings by my artist.  Again, not disappointed. 

Then we took a trip up to Sticky Fingers where we got a Chik’n Ranch Wrap, a cinnamon roll, a Strawberry lemon cupcake, and a regular Strawberry cupcake. Everything was awesome. 

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