Tuesday, March 6, 2012


CITY #3 – Washington, DC

Day One

We took a taxi to Philadelphia 30th Street stations which was very nice. We hopped on an Amtrak train and headed to Washington DC. 

After getting off the train we rode the metro to our hotel in Arlington, VA. The first room that our hotel tried to give us was directly in front of the ice machine. I hate to be a bother but I didn’t want to spend the next 6 nights hearing that thing so we went back downstairs to get another room. It ended up turning out great because we got a higher floor and a corner room so it was much bigger. 

We then got back on the Metro and ate lunch at Java Green where we shared a Vegan Chickn’ Java sandwich. It was really good. 

Then we were off… We went into the Renwick Gallery, walked by the Executive Office Building (gorgeous) and the White House. We saw many other buildings including  the World War II memorial, the Washington Monument (In my photo you can see the climbers checking from cracks that were caused by the earthquake), and the Lincoln Memorial. They were working on the reflecting pool so my photo taken from the Lincoln Memorial is not as pretty as I hoped. 

We were too tired to think of somewhere new to eat so we ended back at Java Green eating another Vegan Chickn Java sandwich. The weather was starting to get cooler and we were extremely tired so we rode the metro back to the hotel and passed out. 

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