Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Day Three

This time we decided to take the train to the World Train Center. This train was on the opposite side of the track from the NY Penn Station train but looked more like a subway train than the nicer train to Penn. It was a little less expensive too. We walked around the World Trade Center area for a while. We made the mistake of going on Monday so it was a busy place around there. We couldn’t see any of the memorial because it was closed off and the area was still under construction. Disappointing. We looked online to get tickets to see the memorial but since it had just opened they were already sold out for months. 

Next we headed to lunch at Red Bamboo. We shared the Vegetable Tempura and Roast Beef Sandwich. We hadn’t had tempura in over a year and this made up for it. So good… I still don’t know how we ate the sandwich because the tempura was so filling. We even made room for 2 scoops of vegan butter pecan ice cream.  All I can say is waiting for the subway was hard. I was so full. 

Red Bamboo

Vegetable Tempura

Roast Beef Sandwich

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

After Red Bamboo we decided to go to Whole Foods to grab something to take back to the hotel for dinner later. We grabbed an avocado wrap, chips, and 2 cookies.

Whole Foods Avocado Wrap

We got back to the hotel a little earlier than usual to pack and get ready for our next adventure…… Philadelphia.

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