Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Day Two

I found out that Broadway Cares was going on at the same time we were going to be in New York so we headed there first to see what it was all about. They had a lot of great stuff but I was able to refrain and didn’t buy anything. 

Next we headed to Teany’s for lunch. Teany’s has become a tradition for us when we are in NYC. The first time we went years ago Moby was actually the first person I saw when I walked in. He had just gotten himself some coffee and was headed outside to drink it when we came in. He told us to sit anywhere then gave us menus before going outside. How cool was that! I hear he has sold out to his partner now. This trip to Teany’s I ordered the Turkey Club (another tradition). Momma Veg order the Vegan Chickn Melt but they were out of chickn so she ordered the BLT instead. It was basically my sandwich without the Tofurky and extra slice of bread. We shared and the Turkey Club was just as good as I remembered. 


Turkey Club

Instead of getting a dessert at Teany’s we walked to Babycakes and shared a pumpkin cupcake. If they would have been any cheaper I probably would have ordered another one. So good. 


Pumpkin Cupcake

Next we walked to Soho to visit one of my favorite tea company’s Harney & Son’s. I could have bought a ton of tea but since we were on a multi-city adventure I didn’t want to add anything to the luggage. 

Harney and Son's tea

Next we stopped in next door at Kate’s Paperie (another tradition). This was a new location for them and honestly we miss the location we visited years ago. Next up Pearl River, Anna Sui (love the décor), Kidrobot and then back to Peacefood Café to eat dinner. The day before we had hoped to try nachos but since it was a dinner special we decided to go back and get them. The Macho Nachos had daiya cheese (again I missed the cashew cheese sauce from Spiral Diner), and the Mushroom Duxelle Pizza that we added daiya cheese to. It was ok but wished we had gotten something else. 

Macho Nachos

Mushroom Duxelle Pizza

Then it was back to Newark. 

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