Monday, November 14, 2011

After MoFo

I can't believe that it has already been two weeks since MoFo. I had only intended to take a couple of days off then start posting about my vacation in September/ October. Wow.. the days just fly by. I'm finally putting the finishing touches on my drafts and plan to start posting tonight. 

Momma Veg and I enjoyed doing MoFo and plan to do it again next year. (This time with a little more planning.) I didn't have time during the month to check out everyone's blog posts but plan to take the time now to catch up. Here are some of my favorites so far (besides all the Texas blogs and posts by Vida Vegan Con alumni). MoFo has given me the chance to discover more blogs and I am very grateful. 


Has really cute "food crafts" and great recipe ideas. This is definitely a can't miss blog. I look forward to each new post.



Great MoFo! Took very close photos of food and you had to guess what it was. Loved it!



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  1. This is such a sweet shout-out! Thank you so much!! And I am so in love with the idea that both mother and daughter co-host this blog--if this isn't just the cutest thing I have heard of... Makes me wanna wrangle my mom in and make her blog with me :) xo, Cara