Thursday, December 22, 2011

Company Holiday Party

My work decided to go all out and have a really nice holiday party this year. We had dinner at the Crescent Club on the 17th floor of the Crescent Hotel. 

Crescent Hotel

Decorations in the hotel lobby

Gingerbread house in hotel lobby

The first hour was cocktails. They had us in a separate reception area. 

When it was time to go into the next room to start dinner I thought I heard a bell. It was a waiter going around the room playing a metallophone. That was interesting. 

I'm really lucky that the company I work for actually cares that I get something that I can eat. We had told the Chef that we needed two vegan meals. We had no idea what we were going to get before we got to the party. Everyone else had a choice of sirloin, pork, or salmon. Since our meals were different we got the pleasure of being served first. I just knew that we would be served pasta but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Salad with balsamic vinaigrette with olives, and tomatoes. 

Rice mix with spinach, snow peas, and tomatoes with a little bit of  marinara sauce and sides of zucchini, asparagus, bell pepper, broccolini and a  couple of brussels sprouts 

While others were served a variety of small desserts (creme brulee, key lime pie, and chocolate candy) we got some very good fresh berries. We really enjoyed not having the sugar and just good tasting fruit. 

Fresh Berries

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